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When I am talking about being wealthy, first of all I mean feeling completely comfortable in every sphere of life. Wealth is the foundation on which everything we own and surround ourselves with is based on. The only way to make money actually bring us pleasure and play its main constructive role in our lives is to concentrate on the state of love and physical well-being as without those all material values are worth nothing. So, what is there to do to skip all the unnecessary problems and not to get trapped in wishing to go from one extreme to another? Where do we find those who can become our allies on the path to riches? How do we manage to stay who we are when moving on to the new level of relationships with money? How to make ourselves heard? These and many other questions will be discussed in detail at the webinar «Wealth».

  • The program of the webinar includes the following topics
  • The concept of «permissive system» of personality.
  • Wealth as a compensation and as a consequence.
  • Harmonious relationships: freedom and a «golden cage».
  • A path to wealth: intuition, discipline, compliance with the rules.
  • Family wealth, male wealth, female wealth.
  • Money and children.
  • The section of «50 questions».

Questions from the webinar

1. How can a single woman become rich starting her life all over if she doesn’t have a sexual partner?

2. What should we do and say while spending or receiving money?

3. What is there to do if the woman you are with is fully concentrated on her children (the first one is big enough while the other one has just been born)? What can we do to develop together and become rich enjoying the process so that we can both be who we really are?

4. How can we be sexually attracted to somebody who we don’t even find interesting? But even just fantasizing about this person is something that brings a lot of pleasure while there are other men who are much more promising, but we aren’t drawn to them physically at all. What is the possible explanation for that?

5. How to manage money in order to start earning more? What’s the right way of giving tips for example?

6. What kind of influence does money have on us? Does it matter whether we got paid for some quality work or just sold drugs? How to manage our lives to make money easily and quite fast?

7. Does it mean that the world history doesn’t really exist and that our wealth is only the result of the development of our outlook and program realization if we are the ones creating the space and events out of our own molecules every second of a day? Or is it an illusion?

8. It’s all clear when it comes to practicing our permissive system while trying on some new clothes but how do we learn to give ourselves a permission to get involved when it comes to dealing with people, handling some events and situations?

9. How to speed up the process of self-transformation to become wealthy?

10. What’s an intellect and how to utilize it?

11. Who are the authors of our programs and what are those for? And what about the authors of their own programs, who writes those for them?

12. Are we supposed to give some money to our kids for doing chores? Is it a good idea or not?

13. What should we should do to win the lottery?

14. Why is it that rich people living in the most advanced European countries are asexual, stingy, conservative, have no energy and the same husbands and wives? They aren’t homosexuals or pirates of the Caribbean as well. Why is it that nothing ever happens to them?

15. Can the fact of having debts prevent you from becoming rich?

16. What is the way to understand that the person you are with isn’t right for you? Or maybe it’s the other way around and I am not the right woman for my man especially after he’s been having financial difficulties?

17. What if I do have sex with my husband but I don’t really enjoy it, does it mean that there isn’t even the slightest chance for us to be happy, wealthy and making progress apriori?

18. I do have money but when it comes to spending them I start being really greedy. What does it indicate and what should I do about it?

19. Alexander, are there people who you are interested in because of the level and quality of their wealth, health and success but they didn’t become like this by offsetting in other spheres? What state are they in?

20. What can a mother do to help her kids have more new opportunities?

21. If there are 4 projects in a row that I can’t follow through, does it mean that I just need some cleansing? Every time it happens I am thankful. I’ve almost run out of money, but I am still grateful.

22. Is there a personal limit of wealth for everyone? Or there’s always room for improvement?

23. If I want to implement my program, is it enough to just follow the rules and listen to my own feelings and desires etc.

24. If we had to be raised in USSR when they tried to make everyone think that it was good to be modest and bad to have money, I can’t even imagine how messed up we must be as all those things influence the subconscious mind. So, does it mean that all those things still have an impact on us in the here and now and how to get rid of those?

25. What can indicate us that we have moved on to the next level?

26. Is it possible that when we communicate with homosexual men our magic is being taken away? Should we set some limits and have less and less contacts with those?

27. Is it good to practice the readiness to die in a second by jumping with a parachute or trying out some bungee jumping?

28. The boss of the company where I work is often angry and always tells you that everything you do is just wrong. How does it affect my own income?

29. How to define whether this person has come to the point where he’s got no more chances to develop himself?

30. How can we judge our own level of development? When is it high time to move on? How can you tell that you are stuck and it’s time to break the rules?

31. What is the best way to set the priorities regarding spending the money we make? What should come first? Is it business development, family, personal needs, health or what? What else is it good to spend money on?

32. Alexander, can the level of well-being be defined by the amount of energy which was given to us at birth or it is possible to change it?

33. There were many times when I refused to accept surprises fate brought me such as money, cars, help from others, some favorable situations even though I had worked really hard to have all those things. What kind of consequences should I expect to have?

34. What is the difference between stating the fact and being judgmental? For example, when we start discussing somebody’s behavior or his/her shortcomings, are we just stating the fact or actually judging this person?

35. Joy and excitement indicate that we aren’t ready for something and that all those good things that come along are being nullified. But what if I do feel happy and excited inside? What if I start laughing? That’s an emotion as well. Is it something that also nullifies the energy?

36. I’ve lost my job and I am trying to find a new one at the moment. I’ve started limiting my expenses, so I don’t spend as much on clothes or entertainment. What are the possible risks? Is that a sign of degradation?

37. Is it possible for a man to become rich if he is single? Or if he isn’t but the woman he is with likes to have empty talks etc.

38. My husband gets really nervous when he needs to get a loan for his business development. But the way I see it it’s useful and something you just can’t develop your business without. What is your opinion about this kind of loans?

39. Is there any impact that age has on the level of your wealth? If yes, what kind of impact?

40. Why do we always get the money in foreign currency when its rate is significantly low?

41. Having moved to a different country I was faced with bureaucracy and my family members started having doubts and concerns about what I do. So, I’ve started questioning my own effectiveness and now I have a fear of failure. What should I do about it? What steps can I take in this situation if what I want is to start my own business?

42. How do we learn to accept things till we can do it blindfolded? What do we (both extraverts and introverts) do to learn not to react to the world around and the events happening in it too emotionally? How do we learn not to react to other people’s opinions?

43. My child’s father doesn’t pay alimony. I don’t think or tell anything bad about him, I have only good thoughts. But something isn’t clear for me in this situation. Should I keep reminding him about alimony payments or just let it go and support my child myself?

44. Is the man who makes money selling drugs or guns doing this because of his woman’s energy? I mean, is it all happening because of a woman?

45. Alexander, I’ve started practicing your techniques and my husband’s income has gone up. But the problem is that he must work hard for that so now he drinks every day. He doesn’t get wasted or anything, but he does it on a regular basis. What should I do in this situation? He doesn’t want to listen to you and thinks that what I am doing is absurd.

46. I’ve been listening to your lectures for a year and I’m trying to practice your techniques on a regular basis. I’ve made some progress in the financial sphere but not a big one. It absolutely works when I set my intentions but only when it comes to simple things. It feels like I lack the energy or something. Why is this happening? Where am I losing my energy?

47. We’ve been listening to your lectures for about half a year on a regular basis. We are trying to follow everything you say and change the way we see this world. But after attending the webinar «Health» I started having some problems with my health, my business partner has left his wife and as for our company we are having some difficulties there as well. What are we doing wrong? How can we get out of it?

48. What do you think about present oligarchs and billionaires both Ukrainian and Russian? Are they so rich because they live their lives according to those rules you are talking about?

49. Who is gigolo? How does it affect a woman if she is with a gigolo? What kind of impact being a gigolo has on the man himself? Can such a man become rich?

50. What must be done after participating in a webinar so that the energy could easily stay with me and I wouldn’t just waste it? What are the best ways to utilize this energy?

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